Photo Credit:  Betsy McIntyre

Photo Credit: Betsy McIntyre

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I am a member of Hope*Writers  and ACW

We all live somewhere between what we dream of and what our reality looks like. We spend most of our days in the in between spaces: the ordinary, messy middle of life, where things don’t always work out as we imagined.

It’s here that we need hope to sustain us.

We need the kind of hope that allows us to be honest about how we really feel. We need the kind of hope that doesn’t disappear when things are tough. We need the kind of hope that comes from friends who believe in us when we’ve forgotten how to believe in ourselves.

I’d love to be one of those friends for you.

I’m Abby. I’m a teacher, a writer, an avid reader and tea drinker. I’m searching for light in the darkness, beauty in the chaos, peace in the storm. I'm writing towards a kinder world. I’m helping you find hope, even on the hard days.