A Glimpse of Glory


The world is charged with the grandeur of God;It will flame out like shining from shook foil... Gerard Manley Hopkins

It’s definitely the season of April showers in this part of the world. Last week we had a few glorious days of sunshine that brought the blossom on the trees bursting into life. But just when we thought spring had finally arrived, we have returned to the cold, rainy weather that typically characterises early autumn.

We joke in Britain that we’ve had our summer now. That was it, we tell ourselves, trying not to get our hopes up that the warmth will return again. When you live on a small island, you get buffeted about by every weather front that comes your way. Endless days of hot summer sunshine are longed for, but by no means guaranteed.

The chilly air settles over us and we are back into the winter coats and wellies we thought we had left behind in last month. It seems like one step forward and two steps back in this changing of the season.

All is not quite lost, though. The beautiful blossom remains, bringing colour and life to an otherwise dull, grey backdrop. Tulips and daffodils exchange pleasantries along garden pathways and the world is slowly turning a lush, verdant green again.

If you wait long enough, you might also be given a gift — the sight of the evening sun piercing the clouds, lighting up the trees in a flare of glory. It is a thrill of hope, a delight for the eyes. It is a glimpse of God’s glory; a balm to a weary soul, a reminder that though we are small, we are not alone.

The world tilts again and the sun sinks below the horizon. We sleep in peace knowing that a new season is on the way; while over our heads, the evening stars sing together for joy.