The Sun’s Last Hurrah


Each full day on earth seems to encapsulate the arc of our lives. The dawn brings fresh beginnings and an impish brightness that beckons us to come out and play. Midday, and the sun has risen to the full height of its power, where nothing escapes its glaring eye. By the afternoon, we’re basking in its shimmer, soaking up all the warmth and wisdom of sunlight past. At twilight, the sun’s last hurrah produces an exquisite glow. There is a rare, other-worldly beauty about this end-of-day light which is often the most beautiful of all. The angle of its rays casts a mellow, tender radiance over the world, kissing everything it touches with a final flare of glory, before we turn back towards the dark.

The earth spins on and each sunset speaks of the endings that come to us in so many ways. We move house, children grow up, jobs change; we experience disappointment, heartbreak and loss; our relationships falter or fail and our most dearly beloved people go on to eternity ahead of us.

Time only moves in one direction and to go forward, we must live through these nights. We stay present to the emotions and memories that the darkness brings. We honour our feelings and own our stories. As Anne Lamott says, ‘the only cure for grief is grieving.’

But the rhythmic, repetitive nature of our days is a sweet reminder that though weeping remains for the night, it will not last forever. The glorious, joy-filled, forever-dawn of the Bright Morning Star is surely on its way.



Photo: Jamie Street