When you’re feeling a bit grubby


Have you ever noticed how grubby some things can get in the summer?

Shoes, feet, soul.

The close of the school year has them all feeling a bit frayed round the edges, a bit scuffed up and battered, a bit past their best.

I’ve imagined that God hates all this dirtiness and disarray. I’ve thought of him as a perfectionist that likes me better if I’m scrubbed up, sweet-smelling and clean. I assume that in the messy moments he distances himself so he doesn’t have to put up with me while I’m not at my best.

But this week I remembered those precious words, that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Not bad attitudes or frayed tempers; not thoughtless words or mean thoughts; not battered souls or doubtful hearts.

And I remembered the story of Jesus humbling himself to tend to his disciples’ dirty feet.

When everything is in a mess, he doesn’t leave but gets down there in the dirt with us. He takes those vulnerable, strange, often aching parts of us, that get so grubby in some seasons, and tenderly washes them clean with his own two hands.